what are you going to do about it?

Dear Mom, one of my friends complains about everything all the time. She complains about her job, what she’s eating, what she’s not eating, what she buys, what she doesn’t buy… . You get the idea and when I tell her to stop complaining or do something about it, she says that once she complains to me then she feels better. I’m glad she feels better but I feel worse! What should I do?
You’d be surprised how many people are like your friend. As long as they feel better that’s all that counts… . It’s nice of you to allow your friend to vent and feel better at your expense, but it’s not ok. Try to cut her off fast when the complaints start. As soon as she starts speaking don’t let her tell you the same stories again. Tell her that what she is complaining about sounds bad- and ask her what she thinks she should do about it? Put it back in her court before she has time to dump it on you for the two hundred and twenty-second time.

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