seriously, waxed paper

If you have a problem it’s possible that waxed paper is your answer! Who knew?

  • Rub a sheet on the teeth of a zipper to discourage snags.
  • Roll it up and insert in the neck of a bottle, and use as an impromptu funnel. The wax keeps the paper stiff.
  • Rub it on bathroom and kitchen faucets to both buff the metal, and make them more resistant to future water spots.
  • Layer the tops of kitchen cabinets and the top of the fridge with waxed paper, and replace it every so often instead of dusting that hard-to-dust spot.
  • If you have a door that stubbornly sticks, rub the edges to keep it from jamming as much.
  • Keep wooden salad bowls and cutting boards in good shape by giving them an extra layer of wax protection.
  • Protect the fridge from spills by covering the shelves. It makes it much easier to clean.
  • Lost your wine cork after opening a bottle? Make an plug out of a wad of paper, and stick it right in there.
  • Cover bowls and plates when you use the microwave to prevent splatter, better than plastic wrap.
  • If your shower curtain has trouble moving over its rods without squeaking or catching, a light rub with wax paper will help it move smoother.
  • Use it as drawer liner in your dresser.
  • Before you close up paint cans, add a sheet over the top of the paint to keep skin from forming.
  • Swipe non-stick appliances , to give it a little more non-stickiness.
  • Wrap up paint brushes to keep them from drying out in between coats.
  • If you have drafty windows in winter, use it to plug up holes. The wax wards off precipitation, it’s pretty waterproof.
  • Wrap up any delicate fabrics when you store them. The wax keeps out light and keeps colors from fading or turning yellow.
  • If you are out of kindling, wax paper makes a good fire starter.


Dear Ask Mom, I want to invite a few people over for dinner, but one of the people that I want to invite will probably ask if she can bring a guy that she just met. I don’t want him to come. What should I say? 

You have three choices: You could be nasty and say “Does it sound like I invited him”?! but you shouldn’t. Instead you could say “I was hoping we could just do some cooking and catch up on stuff and he would probably be bored”. Or you could just say “no, not this time”. You choose…

still looking

Dear Mom- I am looking for a job and I’m frustrated, when people ask what I’m doing I don’t want to say that I’m still looking for a job. What should I say?

You don’t have to give a long depressing answer about all the jobs that you’ve applied for and never got a response. Instead tell anyone who asks and seems to want an answer that you’re looking for a job and ask if they might know someone. It never hurts to network whenever and wherever possible.

an apple a day

one of the best things you can do for yourself is eat an apple everyday…

15 Delicious Apples for Eating Out of Hand

Golden Delicious
Granny Smith

jealousy is a green-eyed monster

I get a huge amount of questions about jealousy, but not the relationship kind. People are jealous about what other people have, about other peoples’ jobs and about other peoples’ lives. You should never be jealous of someone else for any reason unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. What you don’t know about other peoples’ lives can be very different from what you see from the outside.

Don’t be jealous that other people have a better job than you do or make more money that you do or have a better place to live or take a better vacation. Just worry about you being better and doing the best that you can. Instead of looking at what anyone else has that’s better than yours, look at all the people that don’t have what you have and would trade places with you. Jealousy happens when you compare yourself to someone else- never do that unless you also want all the problems that they have that you don’t even know about, too.

good hostess gifts

If you’re invited to a Fall celebrations or pop up party and want to bring a small gift here are some really good small gifts almost anyone would like and things people never buy for themselves…

  •  Bottle Stoppers- buy sets or individual fun and pretty bottle stoppers in all shapes, sizes, colors and design
  • Cheese Board- you can find cheese boards from really simple to really amazing and if you want to make it a special gift take a chunk or two of cheese along with the board
  • The MoMA store offers an All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set- a great, reasonable gift for anyone with a small kitchen, this colorful set includes everything from an egg masher to a citrus juicer, and it takes up barely any cabinet space
  • Cake Stand- Like the cheese  board you can find simple cake stands and amazing cake stands. You can even flip over some cake stands and you have a crackers and dip serving plate, or it can stand as a holder for olive oils and seasonings by the stove or as a place to display specialty liqueurs and bitters on a bar
  • Short Stack Editions- single-ingredient cookbooks from Short Stack Editions are a very good gift, you can choose your favorite ones a la carte. If you want a fabulous gift the whole set is a generous gift
  • Cloth Napkins- Pretty or colorful cloth napkins are always a good gift for friends who love to entertain
  • Artisan Chocolate Bars- It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate or any special and beautifully presented candy
  • Origami Wine Tote- another great find from MoMA Store. Of course you’ll score bonus points if you bring along a bottle of your favorite vintage to go with this wine tote
  • A Pitcher- And for the person who has everything? A simple and elegant pitcher or a colorful or whimsical pitcher. The housewarming brunch mimosas will taste better when being poured from one of these, or use it as a planter, vase or candle holder!


Ask Mom- I need advice. I was hired for a job that’s a management position. I know that it included a lot of duties, but I am really being taken advantage of. When someone leaves or doesn’t do their work I have to do it. I am doing the job of four people and not being paid for all the extra work. I really need the job and want it to work out, but I’m exhausted. What should I do?

You were hired to solve problems not be one, but if the people who hired you are not honoring their agreement about your responsibilities you should speak up. If you have been a team player, but the game has changed you are entitled to have a talk and set things straight. Make sure you don’t give ultimatums or make threats.

let it go

Dear Mom, A few years ago someone who I thought was my friend had a get together and didn’t invite me. I have never forgotten it and now I am planning a party for someone who is moving. Do I have to invite the person who didn’t invite me?

Even though it sometimes feels so good to hold a grudge for  5, 10 or 20 years (!) let it go. You should invite the person who didn’t invite you. Getting over the grudge may feel even better than carrying it around with you, so take the high road and extend the invitation. You’re probably wasting time and energy holding the grudge because probably no one else even remembers it except you…and maybe when you invite her she won’t be able to attend and then it’s over and you can stop carrying the grudge around with you. You might feel a bit lighter…that’s a good thing.

Freezer to pan

7 Foods You Can Cook Straight Out of the Freezer

1. Bacon- The reason that you can cook bacon right out of the freezer is because there’s so much fat in bacon that it can thaw and start cooking in a pan in just a few minutes. Make sure you freeze the bacon in individual slices first so that it’s not frozen into one big bacon block.

2. Fruit- We all know that frozen fruit is a great way to add texture and keep smoothies cold, but if you bake with frozen fruit, there’s no need to defrost it — just mix it straight into batter or dough.

3. Vegetables- Because frozen vegetables are usually frozen at the peak of freshness, they’re a great, healthy choice always have a stash. Small vegetables like peas and corn can quickly cook and cool down in soup.

4. Dumplings- Since Asian dumplings can be a bit time-consuming to make, make a big batch and then freeze them for a quick and satisfying snack or weeknight meal. Dumplings cook best straight from the freezer since thawing them will make the wrappers sticky and cook up soggy.

5. Pasta- Similar to Asian dumplings, fresh uncooked pastas and filled pastas like ravioli and agnolotti freeze extremely well. Don’t thaw them or the pasta will start to stick together. Frozen pasta only takes a minute or two longer to cook than fresh before it’s ready to be tossed in your favorite sauce.

6. Cooked Rice- Did you know that day-old rice makes the best fried rice? It’s a great way to use up leftover steamed rice, but if you’re not ready to fry up the rice just yet, stash it in the freezer. If frozen properly, the rice freezes into individual grains that you can just toss right into the wok or frying pan when the fried rice craving hits.

7. Fish- Skip the thawing step for frozen fish — all you have to do is rinse the fillets off, pat them dry, and get cooking. It’ll take a few more minutes to cook than a piece of fresh fish. Good reason to keep fish in the freezer and eat more fish.

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leave the rest behind

Some of the emails that I have been reading lately ask for advice about jumping into a new job, a new relationship, a new friendship or a new anything after an experience that didn’t end well. It is much harder than it should be. It’s always a good thing to learn from past experiences so that you don’t make the same mistakes again, but it’s also important to move on without getting stuck in the past. Try to think of something good about everything and everyone you’ve met because it will help you move on. Not everyone or everything was good, but some have been good and some have helped you learn good lessons. Keep in mind the people and things that have brought out the best in you and move on leaving the rest behind…