best interview tip

Dear Ask Mom, What’s the one most important thing that I need to know so that I will have a good interview?

Here’s my best interview advice:  Be prepared. What you do before the interview is almost as important as the interview. Look up everything you can about the place and the people there. Talk to anyone who knows anything about the place. Learn everything about what they do, how they do it and what they think of themselves. You should also practice your interview until you are very, very comfortable. Good luck!

get up & go- got up & went

Hi Mom- I will be totally unmotivated to do anything by the time the summer ends. How can I get some motivation?

Ut oh!! your question even sounds unmotivated- you asked about motivation to do anything?! Here’s a step by step to try to gain some motivation:

7. Ask yourself why you’re not motivated. Is there something you really want to do? if not may be that’s the problem.

6. Listen to classical music at 60 beats per minute. Music at 60 bpm balances the left and right hemispheres of your brain and helps your thinking and creativity. (sounds wacky but worth a try)

5. Work off of a plan. Don’t fill up your day with to-do lists full of errands and busy stuff. Make a big plan and stick to it. If you break up your plan into small, workable chunks you won’t feel overwhelmed.)

4. Find inspiration. Inspire yourself:

  • Visualize what you’re doing this all for. Think about the emotions you’ll feel when you reach your goal.
  • Identify “role models” and model them.

3. Move around. Moving around unblocks your motivation. Take a walk, dance around the house, or some other kind of exercise.

2. Create accountability. Post your goals on Facebook, get an accountability partner, or share your goals.

1.  Relax. If you’ve tried to get motivated… just let go for a little while. Sometimes you can’t make things happen, they just will.

delicious reading

still too hot to cook, read some good food bloggers…



road trip

take a trip, or two, before the summer ends…

USA’s 5 best road trips | USA WEEKEND |…/USA-s-5-best-road-trips

summertime and the living is easy

enjoy summer as long as you can…slow down to make the summer last

this is especially important when you have lots to do…

  • Put your feet up, and stare idly out of the window. Warning: Do not attempt this while driving.
  • Do one thing at a time. Remember multitasking is a moral weakness (except for women(!) who have superior brain function).
  • Ponder, take your time. Do not be pushed into answering questions. A response is not the same as an answer
  • Yawn often. Medical studies have shown lots of things, and possibly that yawning may be good for you.
  • Spend more time in bed. You have a better chance of cultivating your dreams (not your aspirations.)
  • Read the slow stories.
  •  Spend more time in the bathtub.
  • Practice doing nothing. (Yes, this is the difficult one.)
  • Avoid too much seriousness. Laughing and smiling are good for your health


help wanted

Ask Mom, I have to start looking for a job and I have no clue where to start…any ideas?

not really, but you should be as open minded as possible and be prepared, you only get one chance to make a first impression…

I read an article in the New York Times that made a lot of sense and might help you, good luck:

“People get rejected for jobs for two main reasons. One, “you’re not showing the employer how you will help them add value,” and, two, “you don’t know what you want, and it comes through because you have not learned the skills that are needed.” The most successful job candidates, are “inventors and solution-finders,” who are relentlessly “entrepreneurial” because they understand that many employers today don’t care about your résumé, degree or how you got your knowledge, but only what you can do and what you can continuously reinvent yourself to do.”

it’s not that bad

Hi Mom- I start to get nervous over nothing when I am in new places or unfamiliar situations or don’t know anyone, is that normal?

Totally normal, new situations are very stressful, even if they’re good, but there are things that you can do to handle a new situation without going through so much stress… Don’t make the stress worse by exaggerating how tough the situation really is, and don’t underplay how well you can handle the situation. Stand back and look at the situation realistically, you’re probably not at the edge of a cliff and nothing terrible is going to happen.  Ask yourself:

Are you being too tough on yourself?

  • Are you focusing on your failures and forgetting your successes? Have you managed to survive similar situations in the past, or even to succeed despite them!? Are you judging your entire existence on the basis of this one event or one part of life, or are you expecting to be perfect? DON’T DO IT!

Are you “catastrophising”?

  • Are you seeing things in all or nothing terms, or assuming that to not succeed would be an absolute catastrophe?        NOT TRUE!

Are you worrying about the future? or something you have no control over?

  • Are you assuming that you know what will happen in the future? YOU DON’T!
  • What evidence have you got that your fears are valid? NONE!
  • Are you exaggerating the chance of something going wrong or minimising the possibility of everything working out fine? GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
  • Are you spending time frightening yourself about situations that you aren’t actually facing, and which may never happen? WASTE OF TIME!

Are you comparing yourself to others?

  • Are you assuming that everyone else is doing fine except you? YOU MIGHT BE DOING BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE! 
  • Are you blaming yourself for things that you cannot control, or are not your responsibility? DON’T DO IT!

for more info check out University of Cambridge-Counseling Center 

cool cooking

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camera action

if you have a phone, you probably have a camera…save your summer in pictures

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