eat, drink and be merry some more! but please be careful

take it slow

let the chaos begin, early!!!    today’s advice: take a lot of deep breaths 

thanks, but no thanks

Dear Mom, I don’t want to give gifts next year. I get totally stressed out and buy things that I can’t afford and usually don’t like the gifts I get. Should I tell everyone now that next year I’m not giving gifts?
A year ahead of time? Don’t make a big announcement. Send a nice thank you note and mention that you love the gift, but that you are so lucky and there is really nothing that you need so next year so you will be making donations and you hope that in lieu of a gift everyone will make a donation in your name, too.

what’s missing?

ok Mom, listen to this one, I gave a party and it was invitation only, but some people that I know brought people that I don’t know and while I was cleaning up I noticed a few small things missing! I want to call everyone and find out who took my things, should I?
Absolutely not, maybe the things got thrown away by accident, or slipped into chair cushions or something other than being stolen happened, so you can’t accuse anyone of taking anything without some very good proof. Look everywhere and even if you don’t find them don’t call, and next time don’t use anything very special or valuable at your next party.

and merry to you

ho, ho, ho- eat drink and be happy

get in touch

Mom, I want to get in touch with friends during the holidays that I don’t keep in touch with during the year, but then it feels insincere and forced if I only talk to them once a year. What should I do?
If you want them to know that you’re thinking about them just send a card or note and don’t make a big deal about it. If they are over-joyed to hear from you then make a date to get together or something when the holidays are over, if you don’t hear from them leave it alone, no harm no foul.

you’re invited- go

Dear mom, I hate going to parties and I always stand alone then I leave. I don’t get many invitations anymore and I’m not surprised. Do I have to go if I’m invited?
Yes, and make yourself have a good time even if you are miserable doing it!! My friend’s mother told her never to turn down an invitation, that’s good advice.

reliably unreliable

Dear Ask Mom, I have a good friend but she is very unreliable. I always turn the other cheek when she lets me down. I have decided not to count on her for things, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to be counted on either. Does this make sense?
Part of friendship is counting on each other. It seems like if you can’t count on her then maybe your feelings aren’t important to her, but if you don’t want her to count on you anymore either I’m not sure that the friendship is going to make it. If you really want the friendship to last try to overlook her unreliability and appreciate her other good qualities, or have an all out heart to heart talk.

giving is more important than receiving

hi mom, I don’t know what to do, I have a friend that I exchange gifts with, but she spends a lot less than I do. It annoys me even though I know that it shouldn’t. Should I suggest that we stop exchanging gifts?
Really?! It sounds like you think that this is a business transaction. A gift is an expression of affection and thoughtfulness. Maybe you should buy your friend a lot of gifts for being your friend! You need to change your attitude…


let the celebrating begin…

Pomegranate and Orange Champagne Punch

This festive punch is a favorite to serve to a crowd. Substitute the champagne with sparkling cider, or soda if you prefer a non-alcoholic punch.

1 cup pomegranate seeds, separated
½ cup mint leaves
4 cups pomegranate juice
3 cups orange juice
½ cup orange-flavored liqueur, such as Grand Marnier
2 bottles (750 ml) Champagne, Prosecco or other sparkling white wine
1 orange, sliced
**To make this non-alcoholic, substitute the champagne with 1 liter orange flavor sparkling soda and omit the orange-flavor liqueur.
To make the ice cubes: Place 1-2 mint leaves in each space of an ice cube tray. Divide ¼ to ⅓ cup of the pomegranate seeds among the ice cube spaces. Fill with water and freeze for 4 hours or longer, until solid.
Mix the pomegranate juice, orange juice and orange liqueur in a large punch bowl over the ice cubes. Add the champagne and stir. Add slices of orange juice and the remaining pomegranate seeds to the juice and serve. Add more mint leaves as garnish if desired.

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