this blog is about ideas, advice and stuff for you, especially if you’re on your own (it’s not for moms). My two kids, both in their twenties, are lucky that I’m their mom, and when amnesia sets in and they forget I remind them how lucky they are, but if you don’t have a mom, or you don’t speak to your mom or you need an extra mom, I’m here. My kids ask me stuff all the time and most of their friends ask me for help or ideas or advice, so since I’m answering a lot of questions all the time and giving advice anyway, I decided to start this blog, which means my kids and everyone they know and now everyone they don’t know, can drive me crazy and ‘ask mom’ anything.

this blog is not about me and when I was told that I really should introduce myself I cringed, because after this very brief introduction I don’t intend to ever say another word about me. I have 2 undergraduate degrees in Education, a Master’s Degree in Remedial Reading Education, and a JD. I have been a teacher, an attorney, a kid’s tennis clothes designer and more, but none of my degrees or jobs has ever meant as much to me as being a mom. My mom philosophy was to do my best to have kids who would make the world a better place because they were in it. I knew that if that happened then I was successful.

I hope that this blog takes on a life of its own and that it is about whatever it’s about. I’ll give you advice (no legal advice!), share ideas, let you know about good stuff, help you solve problems, maybe point your thinking in some different directions and above all else, I will do no harm!


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